Delivery is our passion.

We.Do.Engineering is headquartered in Porto, Portugal.
From our HQ we cover operations mainly throughout Europe. We also have an established presence in Chicago (USA), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Zug (Switzerland). Our geographical footprint gives us the ability to work with clients all across the globe.

Our Genesis

We.Do.Engineering kicked off as a project of a few friends who held a common passion for software. Having extensive experience at senior levels, we were ready to establish our own company with our own values.

Our founding team realized that, after more than 25 years working in IT and business initiatives, it’s clear that there’s a lack in the market of resources to make it happen, to deliver, to execute – The engineering capability.

It’s also vital to have a full picture of business and technology understanding so that we don’t get lost in translation and fail the final expected outcome.

We looked at this venture as an opportunity to employ vast experience and lessons learned to grow our own practice and employ our own approach to software development and technology excellence. Our experience in startups as well as in corporations serving different industries had us engineer our way through it all.

Our Team

Our diverse team is composed of talented engineers, Developers, Process Analysts, Solution Designers, UI/UX Experts, and Technical Architects. We understand the challenges our clients face in keeping up with the digital world. As such, our mission is to be the most customer-focused technology consulting company.


…consistently offer our best in-house solutions and resources to our clients. Our team of professionals brings a wealth of industry knowledge to each client. Our collective years of experience and skillset have taught us to always make your business success our priority.

… design and develop powerful software solutions transforming businesses. From the decision-making process to the final product, we work through it all. We make products that our team, clients, and consumers love. Trends and requirements change but we’re always up to date as every day is a new learning opportunity.

High Rated Team

We have the best salesforce engineers in the market, proven, respected, recognized!

Deliver is our core service

We are not a team of consultants or advisors! We execute! We deliver! We are engineers! If you are looking for consultancy and powerpoint slides only, we are not the right services partner.

International Background

With engineers in over 5 countries, We Do Engineering brings deep industry insight, proven customer solutions experience, and Salesforce technology know-how.

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